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How to tell your boss about (and get colleagues to support you)

Sometimes it can be hard to introduce new ideas because people may think that you are being critical of their decisions, or simply because making changes requires a little more effort when everyone is so busy.

But you know that is a great idea and that by modernising the way that you buy office supplies will save time and money, so here is a suggested email for you to use to introduce

Dear boss

I have come across a great new way to buy office supplies and stationery that will save us time and money. It’s a fast-growing price comparison site called which typically delivers average annual savings of 20%+.

Based on what we spend every year, that could save us £________, which is a lot of money that could be better spent on other things.

I have looked into and there is no catch. They supply the same products that we usually buy and their delivery service is reliable with most orders shipped overnight.

Since their launch in 2010, they have won over 10,000 customers and this number is growing rapidly; they must be doing things right because 93% of their customers would recommend them to others and their average customer satisfaction score is 4.8 out of a maximum 5.

Can I suggest that we give them a trial for three months and then look at the overall cost savings? It is really easy to set up an account at and once we have selected our company favourites, ordering can be done very quickly.

And best of all, because is a price comparison site, they shop around for the best prices to save us time and money. They even send newsletters recommending alternative, better value products that could save us even more. They really are on the side of the buyer.

Let me know what you think about this simple but effective savings idea.

Kind regards

Ps. How about running a small incentive in the office to see how much we could save, and then spend some of the savings on a celebration with the staff – that’s a good way to get them to view company money as their own!


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