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Here is a comprehensive range of catering utensils to help you run an efficient and hygienic canteen, including vending cups, plastic knives, forks and spoons as well as plastic wine glasses, drink stirrers, paper plates and cups, plastic cups, biodegradable plates and bowls, drinks holders, trays, tumblers, jugs, sugar bowls, milk jugs, china cups, and catering urns. And don't forget, because mintprice compares the market for office supplies and stationery, you can be sure of the best-priced basket, every time you order.

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MyCafe Plastic Cups 7oz Blue (Pack of 1000) DVPPBLCU01000V

from £14.17 ex VAT

Wooden Coffee Stirrers (Pack of 1000) EIWS

from £4.47 ex VAT

Nupik-Flo Ready to Go 12oz Paper Cup (Pack of 50) HVSWPA12

from £3.32 ex VAT

Paper Plate 7 Inch White (Pack of 100) 0511040

from £2.75 ex VAT

Plastic Dessert Spoon White (Pack of 100) 0512002

from £1.34 ex VAT

White Plastic Disposable Forks (Pack of 100) 0512003

from £1.32 ex VAT

Single Wall Paper Cup 8oz Printed (Pack of 50) 8209936

from £2.36 ex VAT

Super Rigid 7 Inch Biodegradable Plate (Pack of 50) 3865

from £5.15 ex VAT

Plastic Knife White (Pack of 100) 0512006

from £1.37 ex VAT

Super Rigid 9 Inch Biodegradable Plate (Pack of 50) 3864

from £7.34 ex VAT

Paper Plate 9 Inch White (Pack of 100) 0511041

from £3.60 ex VAT

MyCafe Vending Cup Tall 7oz White (Pack of 100) GIPSTCW2000V100

from £2.40 ex VAT

Super Rigid 7 Inch 12oz Biodegradable Bowls (Pack of 50) 3866

from £5.95 ex VAT

Stainless Steel Cutlery Teaspoons (Pack of 12) F01107

from £2.31 ex VAT

MyCafe Plastic Cups 7oz Clear (Pack of 1000) DVPPCLCU01000V

from £18.20 ex VAT

Clear Plastic Water Cup Holder and Dispenser

from £13.70 ex VAT


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