The first and only office supplies comparison website


Save up to 65% on your office supplies in 3 simple steps:

  1. Fill your basket with a choice of over 20,000 stationery products
  2. We’ll compare prices from suppliers across the UK to find you the
    cheapest total price for the entire basket
  3. Receive your order knowing that you’ve paid the lowest possible cost

So, who is the most competitive supplier - today?

Most office supplies websites claim to save you money, but they tend to feature only a few heavily discounted items to win your business.

And because prices are always changing, it’s very hard to decide who the most competitive supplier is, without doing lots and lots of shopping around. Every time you buy.

Our customers don’t have time for that.

The mint way is the first and only price comparison site for office supplies where you can be sure of the best-priced basket.

We compare the market for over 20,000 items and find you the lowest priced supplier for your basket of supplies, every time you buy.

Regular shoppers with save between 20% and 65% off their current spend on printer cartridges, office stationery, printer paper, computer accessories, office furniture, cleaning products and catering supplies.

Not to mention the time saved because we do all the shopping around for prices.

How finds you the best price, every time you order is very quick and easy to use

  1. Fill your basket with the office supplies products that you need
  2. will compare the market in seconds and find you the best price for your basket
  3. You select the supplier with the lowest price and place your order through
  4. You buy the same brands and get the same overnight delivery – there is no loss of service quality
  5. Average savings are at least 20% off the prices you are currently paying
Comparison of four basket prices

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