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Here is a useful collection of safety and security products to help keep things safe around the office, including hand held counters, duct tape, carpet tape, ramp fixing bolts, spill absorbent granules, fire log books, de-icing salt, speed ramps, security ties, airhorns, spill pads, safety mirrors, tamper proof tape, megaphones, crowd barriers and general safety barriers.

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Avery Dennison Tagging Gun Standard Mark 3 (Suitable for 50 and 10 ...

from £11.52 ex VAT

Avery Dennison Tagging Needle Plastic Standard (Pack of 5) 05012

from £8.40 ex VAT

Avery Single-Line Labeller Black HL0008

from £31.84 ex VAT

Safescan Black Auto Counterfeit Detector 155-S 112-0529

from £111.59 ex VAT

Safescan UV Counterfeit Detector Replacement Lamp 50/70 131-0411

from £13.29 ex VAT

Avery Dennison Ticket Attachment 40mm (Pack of 5000) 02141

from £7.40 ex VAT

Safescan RF-100 RFID Cards Black (Pack of 25) 125-0325

from £44.18 ex VAT

Avery Dennison Ticket Attachment 20mm (Pack of 5000) 02121

from £7.40 ex VAT

Flexocare Polythene Barrier Tape 72mmx500m Red/White 7101001

from £6.52 ex VAT

Safescan Hand Held UV Lamp Note Detector 40H 130-0444

from £9.36 ex VAT

Avery Two-Line Labeller Black HL0018

from £58.33 ex VAT

Avery Fastener Secur-a-Tach Self-Seal Loop 125mm (Pack of 5000) 62 ...

from £18.97 ex VAT

Demarcation Barrier Chain 25 Metres 360074

from £24.22 ex VAT

Med Warehouse/Manufacturing Bundle STP633

from £925.00 ex VAT

Medium Store Bundle STP631

from £550.00 ex VAT

Small Warehouse/Manufacturing Bundle STP632

from £550.00 ex VAT


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